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Positions available! M.Scs. Ph.D. and summer interns

Many positions available in the group!

  1. Fast imaging of live animals for multiple sclerosis
  2. Development of rapid stabilization systems for multiphoton imaging
  3. Polarization-sensitive coherent Raman imaging for molecular order of myelin
  4. Development of imaging the basal activity of microglia as a biomarker of multiple sclerosis
  5. Network Inference and functional units: extracting neural networks in vivo
  6. Super-resolution imaging of synapses
  7. Development of optical fiber systems for stimulation and measurements in the spinal cord for chronic pain

Contact Daniel Côté directly, with subject “Summer internship/M.Sc. or Ph.D.” with a transcript.

Job offer: Production of micro-optical devices

A specialist in fiber optic components is sought to support the development of micro-optical devices to support research projects in neurophotonics, optogenetics, imaging and neurosurgery. The position is full time and is not related to a masters or doctoral project. The candidate will be based primarily at facilities of photonics Pavilion (on the campus of Laval University), but sometimes will travel to the center of Neurophotonics CRIUSMQ and Douglas Institute at McGill. His or her task will include manufacture of microdevices based on optical fibers, use a fusion splicer, use  a CO2 laser or a polishing system for cutting, co-ordinate  thin film deposition with staff COPL and finally put everything together into useful devices for research. The candidate has:

  1. optical engineering or technical training (physical, electrical or equivalent)
  2. practical expertise in manufacturing fiber optic devices (coupler, connector, splices) and optical characterization
  3. an alert mind to improve device production protocols and propose solutions
  4. the ability to produce large quantities of micro-optical devices to meet the needs of different research groups involved.
  5. the ability to deliver within deadlines as demonstrated by past experience
  6. the ability to be a team player
  7. interest in the biomedical application of optical technologies.
  8. good writing skills in English an asset

The salary will be dictated by the training and proficiency. Send your CV and cover letter to and

Thin myelin fibers

Striatum of a mouse, imaged with coherent Raman imaging. Green: myelin, Red: fiber bundles.
Striatum of a mouse, imaged with coherent Raman imaging. Green: myelin, Red: fiber bundles.

Erik Bélanger is hard at work with Cyril Bories on a project to characterize the limits of our myelin imaging technique (CARS).  With a new animal model of local demyelination, samples of the corpus callosum  (the highly myelinated part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres) or the striatum are imaged and the myelin thickness will be characterized.



Optical Fibre for Neurosurgery

Winding of the new optical fiber as it is being prepared.
The new optical fiber as it is being prepared at the Optics Facilities.

The NSERC- and CIHR-funded project on probes for deep brain neurosurgery is moving along nicely, with the first iteration of the novel fibre design completed and on its way to the lab for testing. The fibres and optical components for this project are the product of a collaboration between the Canada Excellence Research Chair Prof. Younès Messaddeq, Prof. Tigran Galstian,  and Prof. Daniel Côté at the Université Laval COPL group.