Mireille Quémener, M.Sc

Position: Research Assistant

2015-2019: Bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

2019-2020: Master’s degree in Physics, Université Laval, Québec

Email: mireille.quemener@cervo.ulaval.ca


 Mireille’s interest in research began in her first year of her bachelor’s degree during a summer internship whose subject was the diffusion of chiral molecules in anisotropic tissues. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics in 2019 with a concentration in biophotonics. She then began a master’s degree in 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Simon Thibault. Her subject was the design and fabrication of a GRIN-axicon to replace the standard refractive axicon in a multiphoton microscope. Her passion for research in the field of optics applied to biology led her to join the DCC lab group as a research assistant.