ABCD Laser Beam Propagation Software


Mac OS X software for propagating laser beams through simple optical elements.  The support site includes tutorials on ray matrices and gaussian beams.


Coherent Raman calculator widget

CARScalculator icon

A Mac OS X widget for calculating the Stokes, anti-Stokes, pump or Raman shift for a coherent Raman interaction.

Beam and Pulse Properties widget


A Mac OS X widget for calculating various parameters of a laser beam or laser pulse in various units.


Axon segmentation code

Our code from the publication:

S. Bégin, O. Dupont-Therrien, E. Bélanger, A. Daradich, S. Laffray, Y. De Koninck, and D. Côté, “Automated method for the segmentation and morphometry of nerve fibers in large-scale CARS images of spinal cord tissue.,” Biomedical Optics Express, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 4145–4161, Dec. 2014.

is available here: