Gabriel Genest

Position: Master’s student in Physics, Université Laval

Academia: Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Université Laval

Advisors: Prof. Daniel Côté and Prof. Patrick Desrosiers


Laser speckle simulations and analysis for high contrast imaging

This projects aims to learn more about laser speckles, how they are created and how they behave. When laser speckles are understood, they can be used to produce high quality and contrast images, mostly known as laser speckle contrast imaging. Simulations can then be done to predict and study what would happen in certain situations. Finally, the analysis is possible using a mix of statistics and optics, and can lead to the study of important mechanical or biological properties, such as the velocity of the particles causing the speckles.


Gabriel has always been intrigued by the fundamentals of life and the Universe. His curiosity brought him to quantum mechanics as early as high school. Although he studied computer sciences in college, he finally opted for physics when he entered at Laval University in 2017. His academic background, mixing computed sciences and physics, lead him to his first research internship in the DCCLab during summer 2019, in which he also discovered an interest in data analysis. Always wanting to improve, optimize and clean his code, Gabriel hopes to learn more about physics, programming and neurosciences during his Master with Daniel Côté’s team. Outside of research and learning, Gabriel loves video games, science fiction and metal (the music, not the matter… well also the matter).